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#Dictionary (Disability India)

{curatorial project} [archive, research based, publication, community resource]

Created as a learning resource for adults in their 20’s based in India, November 2020

An hashtag-based dictionary that explores our understanding of disability in India and functions as a tool for initiating conversations around it. Considering Instagram as an archive of information, as a platform for knowledge creation and sharing through hashtags, the dictionary began as a cultural mapping of conversations and knowledge around disability in India on the digital platform. These observations are presented in the dictionary through a selection of 10 hashtags defined as an open ended, provoking, conversational style cultural reflection through the personal context of the author (Sneha Joshi). “I contextualise the dictionary as a pedagogic tool, that encourages the reader to initiate conversations around disability in offline spaces, and builds on context through my own understandings of disability, ability, normality, and other significant related topics and concepts, based on my experiences of growing up with an autistic sibling in India.”

This project was presented as part of the online event Datalands: Creative Engagements with Archives hosted by Srishti Institute. The video documentation of this event can be found below. Event website can be assessed here. 

Access online:

Datalands: Creative Engagements with Archives

(Excerpt from online event documentation below)

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