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I am the One I Have Been Waiting For

{curatorial project} [publication, research based, community engagement and resource]


Curated publication accompanying the exhibition, Srishti Institute of Art Design and Technology, Bangalore, February 2019


The exhibition ‘I am the one I have been waiting for’ (which I curated) focused on the journey of young women, as they navigate the in-between spaces of life growing up. This publication is an attempt to bring the internal voices of young women, yours and mine, on existing within these in between spaces out in the open, in order to map our thoughts and feelings. It is a space for conversations through the gathering of a multitude of voices. Bringing these voices together in dialogue makes our process of thinking visible and allows us to reflect on our collective thinking.

The publication is an accompaniment to the exhibition. It is not a catalogue but a reflection on a series of selected words that allude to societal conditioning, resulting in a curated series of mind maps. The mind maps function as curated conversations; a collection of edited and compiled thoughts on chosen themes, resulting in a collaborative publication. For the creation of this publication, students from Srishti Institute of Art Design and Technology gathered one on one and in smaller and larger groups to engage in conversations (through mind maps) around the selected words. This documentation of this research on collective thinking and shared knowledge is presented alongside a range of selected texts on feminism, categorised within the broader themes of the selected words. These texts have been annotated and brought together through the process of research which was carried out leading up to the creation of the exhibition.

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