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Past Future: Natural Sightings in Bangalore City

{curatorial project} [archive, audio guide, digital art, community resource]

Guided audio walk across Bangalore with an accompanying handout, November 2019

Past Future: Natural Sightings in Bangalore City, is a project that documents memories and associations with natural spaces, plants and trees in Bangalore, based on the memories and lived experiences of residents of the city. It is an endeavour to shift the focus back on nature in the navigation of our daily lives in urban settings. The project aims to do so through spectacular fabulation - presenting text and audio that evokes the imagination and questioning of familiarity. The title “past future” incites a sense of nostalgia but also longing. Hence the stories and memories documented here through research, capture elements of the past as well as the future aspirations of Bangalore citizens, in their associations and relationships with the nature that surrounds them.

These memories and accounts of ones relationship with nature in the city are available as audio guides (online) for the city’s residents as well as for those who come to this city and would like to experience it through a different lens.

The guided walk and accompanying handout can be accessed through the project website here

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